Monday, June 04, 2007

David Boyd with trainer Archie Leary

David Boyd with winners trophy

David Boyd is a big hit for Livi

David 15 from Craigswood Livingston punched his way into a technical knockout at Lieth dockers club in Edinburgh on Sunday 3rd June.

The referee gave Robert Cunningham a count of eight when David struck him with a heavy blow to the chin seconds into round two.

As Robert from Bonnyrigg was recovering from the shock of the first hit David bombarded him with a volley of left and right hooks, the referee decided to stop the fight on the grounds safety as Robert was unable to defend him self.

David with two winners trophy's under his belt said "he is now focusing on his next fight in a few weeks time".

Archie Leary added " David is the best fighter in group, I am going to ad some weight training into his exercise regime but going by the way he fought on Sunday one wonders if he needs it.

Pictures by Martin Sweeny