Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Scotland in Pictures
Linlithgow loch Easter 2007
While all of Scotland tucked into their Easter eggs I was out and about taking pictures.
On Eater Sunday I noticed the vapour trails of two aircraft had made what looked like a saltire in the sky above Linlithgow Palace, on Easter Monday I got up a bit earlier and captured this amazing sunrise, the swans where getting in the mood for summer, I liked the way this pair made a love heart shape.

Saltire in the sky

Linlithgow Sunrise

Linlithgow loch

Kissing Swans

Linlithgow is to be host to a new star trek exhibition, the Idea first announced by Gerry Sweeny last year is now to become a reality thanks to the help of councilor Willie Dunn.

I wonder what Scottie will make of these stunning views, I hope its still as nice when he pops into the world.