Saturday, January 20, 2007

South Queensferry
Harbour reflections, and the rail bridge dominating the skyline.

St Andrews
The famous old coarse bridge at St Andrews

Rock steady, Edinburgh castle stands on a foundation of solid rock formed by a now dormant volcano

Red phone box in plockton harbour stands out in this black and white image.

Scotland in Pictures by Martin Sweeny

Linlithgow Palace
A solitary duck creates a ripple on the cold still water of Linlithgow loch.

River Forth

The moon lights up the sky over the Forth rail bridge casting a beam of white light over the dark water.

Forth rail bridge
Snow blankets the banks of the Forth estury, this is a very unusual sight as snow rarely lies so close to the salty water.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Scotland in Pictures by Martin Sweeny

Falkirk wheel at night
By Martin Sweeny
For the girls at Gerry's work, here are a few more images of the Falkirk wheel at night, there are a lot more but I don't want to bore you all with the same stuff hope you like them

Scotland in Pictures
Low light photography

This section is dedicated to low light and night photography.
As you will see the Forth bridges are one of my favorite subjects, I am amazed at the different moods that can be achieved controlling aperture and shutter speeds, I could keep going back to the same spot and never get the same result,the ever changing Scottish weather makes sure of that.

Falkirk Wheel at night

Moon light over rail bridge

Rail bridge reflections

Drive time, heading home at night

View from under the road bridge
at night, the rail bridge on the right